Links for Students

Language Training for Canada:
learn more about free English or French classes for
newcomers to Canada.
Advancing Foreign Credential Recognition:
learn more about the International Qualifications Network (IQN)

Links for Lower Levels (CLB 1 – 4)

Links for Higher Levels (CLB 5 – 8 )

Learning Chocolate Vocabulary Platform
Learn new vocabulary and listen to the pronunciation of each new word. Do some extra study activities.
The Study Zone (University of Victoria)
Do some grammar, reading, vocabulary, and puzzle exercises.
Reading Practice with Word Families
Read and learn some vocabulary about housing, health and work / daily activity.
Activities for ESL Students
Choose your level and do some grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes and crossword puzzles. This website also has bilingual quizzes.
Learn English – Online Course for Beginners
Learn vocabulary with simple exercises. Match words to pictures, do a word search, and fill in the blanks.
Randall’s ESL Listening Lab
Practice your listening and do some quizzes.
Enjoy English
Learn new words and practice spelling with matching games and spelling games. Click on the √ to play.
English for Everybody
This site has links to different pages for different levels. It also has multimedia English courses and a course on English for business.
Easy Reading 1 and Easy Reading 2
Read and listen to 200 stories.
English Practice Tests and Exercises
Test your English with the tests on this website and do grammar and vocabulary exercises.
The Internet Picture Dictionary
Learn new vocabulary and do some activities for practice.
Exercises for the Academic Word List (AWL)
Read about the AWL and why you should study it. Do exercises based on the word list.
English Exercises
Practice grammar and vocabulary on this website.
Literacy Net Story Archives
Read some news stories and complete comprehension, vocabulary, sequencing and inference activities.
English for Everybody – Beginners English Course
English for Everybody – Elementary English Course
English lessons with grammar, functions, vocabulary and dialogues.
BBC Learning English
Do some activities and quizzes and listen to some podcasts. This website uses British English.
Activities for ESL Students
Do some grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes and crossword puzzles. This website also has bilingual quizzes.
English Club: ESL Quizzes
Do some English quizzes on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and some other fun topics.
Vocabulary Can be Fun
Do some interactive games to develop important vocabulary concepts such as root words, prefixes/suffixes, and guessing meaning from context.
Learn English Feel Good
This website has grammar, vocabulary and listening practice.
Adult Learning Activities: California Distance Learning Project
This website has articles and language learning activities grouped by settlement theme, such as working, family, and housing. Be careful about the content as some of it is specific to California.
Many Things: Interesting Things for ESL Students
This website offers a lot of variety in activity type and even has a section for iPad users.