CLB Support Kit – Teaching Activities for Receptive Skills Exemplars

The CLB Support Kit has exemplars for all four skills. LISTN is creating tasks, activities and teaching ideas to supplement the receptive skills exemplars. Please note: “The Listening passages and Reading texts and documents are not to be used for any assessment purposes whatsoever.” (CLB Support Kit, p. 128). The accompanying tasks and activities are for classroom use, and are not to be considered as assessment tasks. Their purpose is for practicing skill-building and skill-using in the development of CLB competencies.

To download or order the CLB Support Kit online, click here.To access the Support Kit online and the exemplars, click here.
(Click on “Exemplars” for the listening exemplars.)
The exemplars are also available on the CDs in the back of the CLB Support Kit book.

“The exemplars of the receptive skills are samples of spoken passages or printed texts/documents that learners might need to comprehend. Each task and indicator associated with a sample has been assigned a benchmark. This is the benchmark a learner would probably have to have achieved (or be at) in order to accomplish the task.”
(CLB Support Kit
, pp. 129)


Listening Exemplars Chart -Working Document – this is a working document where you can find a list of the listening exemplars, the topic they cover as well as the CLB and competencies covered by each exemplar.

Transcripts and Teaching Ideas for Listening Exemplars

Listening Exemplar D (4 – online) – Weather Report (CLB 4/5/6)

Listening Exemplar R (R – online) – Asking for a Sweater (CLB 3)