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ISSofBC Talking About Pain Lesson Package
The ISSofBC Talking About Pain ESL Lesson Package was created in collaboration with students from the Langara College School of Nursing, and with the support of the BC TEAL Charitable Foundation.
Join the Tutela community and connect with instructors from across the country. Find CLB-aligned resources easily including the newly revised CLBs and the Language Companions for Portfolio-based Language Assessment (PBLA).
Untold Stories: History of Immigrants in Vancouver
History of Immigrants in Vancouver was an exhibit that opened from October 18, 2012 to January 6, 2013 at the Museum of Vancouver featuring interviews, portraits and personal stories of immigration. Mid-way through the page you can find ELSA Activities Lit to Level 7 to accompany Untold Stories: History of Immigrants in Vancouver!
ELSA for the Workplace
This page has a variety of links for instructors teaching ELSA for the Workplace.
The Westcoast Reader
This online resource is for Adult Learners of English and offers many articles, exercises, vocabulary lists and links – especially for levels 1 – 3.
Best of the Westcoast Reader
This site has a variety of thematically organized booklets of past Westcoast Reader articles that can be downloaded for free. There is also a great teacher’s guide with sample pre-reading activities, listening and speaking activities, reading comprehension activities, and activities for developing vocabulary.
Janis’ ESL Homepage
This site was created by an ELSA instructor and is full of great lesson ideas and resources on a number of different topics. There are also activities and quizzes that students can do online.
At Work
This is a great site with links to curriculum and instructional materials for LINC/ELSA classes. Check out the new LINC 1-4 and LINC 5-7 Classroom Activities packages.
ESL Literacy Network
The ESL Literacy Network is an innovative website that responds to the needs of Learners with Interrupted Formal Education (LIFE) and addresses the professional development needs of ESL literacy practitioners.
This website has a collection of lessons based on the LINC video series. The videos are also available on the website.
CLB: ESL for ALL (Adult Literacy Learners)
This latest publication by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks is a revised and updated version of CLB 2000: ESL for Literacy Learners.
Teaching ESL Writing through Email
A list of various websites offering resources to ESL students and/or teachers on how to write effective emails for personal and professional uses.
CBC Manitoba ESL Resources
For higher level classes, there are over 50 different CBC stories with related lesson plans and teaching materials including audio files.
Teach It World
A great website with printable lesson plans, audio resources, a newsletter and a huge image bank.
ESL 4 Teachers
This website has links to lessons ideas, printable worksheets, job postings and other TEFL/TESL resources.
Learn English Feel Good
Don’t be fooled by the unusual name, this website is a great resource for both teachers and students. There are grammar activities, worksheets, and even listening comprehension exercises.
ESL PDF Worksheets
There are numerous free, printable grammar and vocabulary worksheets on this site.
ESL Galaxy
Free ESL printables, activities, games and online exercises for grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation.
ABC Teach (Membership Required)
This site is great for creating custom worksheets like bingo games, crossword puzzles, and word searches. You can also print ready-made materials for holidays, seasons, and other topics. The materials are particularly useful for lower level ELSA classes.
About – English as 2nd Language
This website has a variety of resources for both instructors and teachers. There are articles with tips on teaching vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, as well as brief lessons for students of all levels, and much more.
Dave’s ESL Cafe – ESL Web Guide
This site has it all – lesson plans, games, tips on computer assisted language learning (CALL), ideas for student projects and much more.
English Club
For students looking for practice at home or for interclass projects, this site has moderated English chat rooms where learners can connect. There are also ESL forums for teachers and students, as well as ideas for classroom warm-ups, lessons and games.
ESL-Library (Membership Required)
There are a number of great flashcards and lesson plans on this site, but there is a fee to join.
ESL Lounge (Membership Required)
Membership is required on this site to access all resources; however, there are some useful free classroom activities as well – including board game templates and pronunciation worksheets.
Dental Hygiene Resource
On this website, Dental Professionals provide classroom materials including videos, study guides and educational brochures on dental hygiene and various other oral health topics.
SEN Teacher
This website offers many cost-free teaching and learning resources. There are alphabet cards, games and handwriting practice worksheets to name a few. The materials are particularly great for lower level ELSA classes.
Breaking News English
Breaking News English provides free up-to-date news lessons with accompanying listening files and classroom handouts. New lessons are uploaded every three days and all materials are downloadable.
ESL Holiday Lessons
Here you can find ESL lessons on holidays, anniversaries, commemorations and other notable days in the world calendar. Free Word and PDF downloads plus MP3 listening files are available.
Also known as bogglesworld, this website contains printable teaching resources for ESL teachers including complete lesson plans with student worksheets for lower and higher levels as well as grammar and pronunciation activities.
ESL flow
This is a collection of printable lesson plans and teaching materials organized by level (beginner to intermediate) and topic. There are also great icebreaker activities, idiom exercises, dialogues and discussion worksheets.
BBC Learning English
This is an excellent source for English instructors looking for up-to-date news stories with videos and listening exercises as well as classroom materials including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation worksheets.
MonkeySee is a website where experts from all walks of life share their skills and knowledge on video. MonkeySee provides free access to a wide range of how-to videos across multiple content categories.
Guide to parts of speech
This site provides a good summary of the parts of speech we use in English. There is a variety of online and printable exercises for each part of speech as well as links to other websites with useful grammar exercises.

ESL Made Easy
This Canadian site gathers together links of ESL resources from around the internet and organizes them by skills and topics.